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Another Time, Another Place

Legendary singer-songwriter Jennifer Warnes has created a beautiful, elegaic new album, available exclusively from Impex Records and BMG.Reuniting with bassist-composer Roscoe Beck (who co-produced her seminal classic Famous Blue Raincoat), Ms. Warnes shapes ten classic tunes and a brand-new song into a profound narrative of living, loving and making …

Patricia Barber

Patricia Barber’s new all-standards album Clique!, our newest highest-quality audiophile recording, is now available in breathtaking Hi-Fidelity on 5.1 Surround/2.0 DXD/DSD download and SACD, as well as MQA-enhanced Compact Disc. Coming Spring 2022 on 33-rpm HQ-180 vinyl LP. The long-awaited successor to Nightclub, her critically acclaimed and fan-favorite first all standards album, Clique…

Legrand Jazz Michel Legrand (2LP Set)

Academy and Grammy ® Award-winning composer/arranger Michel Legrand (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Summer of ’42, The Thomas Crown Affair) was not a household name in America in 1958, but he was renowned among musicians and a life-long fanatic of American jazz and its players. Legrand Jazz is the result of Legrand traveling to America and using his Columbia Records…

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    What Is XRCD

    XRCD is not actually a “format” that requires special players or decoding. Rather, an XRCD conforms to the Red Book specification that defines the compact disc, making XRCD compatible with all CD players. XRCD is simply a mastering and manufacturing process that attempts to extract the highest possible sound quality from the CD format.

    JVC has examined each step in the CD mastering and manufacturing processes and designed specific equipment to improve those processes. Every combination of equipment, connections, AC power regulation, clocking, mastering  [Read More..]

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    What Is Blue Note

    Blue Note Records is an American jazz record label owned by Universal Music Group and operated under Capitol Music Group.[1] Established in 1939 by Alfred Lion and Max Margulis, it derived its name from the blue notes of jazz and the blues. Originally dedicated to recording traditional jazz and small group swing, the label began to switch its attention to modern jazz around 1947. From there, Blue Note grew to become one of the most prolific, influential, and respected jazz labels of the mid-20th century noted for its role in facilitating the development of hard bop, post-bop, and avant-garde jazz, as well as for its iconic modernist art direction.  [Read More..]