Audio Wave Music Presents Blue Note XRCD

We on the Audio Wave Music team all have the same philosophy about audio — make it sound as good as possible, no exceptions. This is not the quick and easy way, but it definitely yields the best results. Our goal is to provide the finest presentation of music on the ultimate compact disc, XRCD. We believe we have done just that, and we hope you will agree!

Super Sound on CD & Deluxe Packaging

  • XRCD is compatible with ALL CD Players and requires no special equipment!
  • The highest quality analog to digital transfers from tape to CD…Listen and Compare!
  • Deluxe hard-bound book-style packaging with high resolution original B&W session photos.

Original Master Tapes

Rudy Van Gelder’s original Blue Note 2-track analog tapes were meticulously mastered to XRCD by the best team in the business. Tapes and Sound You Can Trust!

The Audio Wave Blue Note XRCD Team

Robert Bantz, president of Elusive Disc and Audio Wave Music; Joe Harley, producer of many albums including the Music Matters Blue Note vinyl reissues; Alan Yoshida, renowned mastering engineer and one of the co-creators of XRCD; Michale Cuscuna, the pre-eminent reissue specialist of our time (Blue Note Records/Mosaic)

JVC - XRCD24 Diagram